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Welcome to Axotron

Axotron is a one-man company specializing in smaller consulting projects within a wide range of the field of electronics.

All tests on site at the customer and in external labs are completed. The project has followed our original plan, both in terms of time and cost, i.e. all went super well. We have a satisfied customer and we have handed over everything for production.

Jerry Svedlund, Business unit manager IT/Embedded, ÅF AB

Some specialties:

  • Analog design
  • Signal integrity
  • High-speed circuits
  • PCB-layout
  • EMC
  • Design reviews

I, Per Magnusson, is the person behind the company. I have many years of experience of designing electronics from within different branches of the industry. I am a Master of Science who graduated from the "Computer Science and Technology" program at Linköping University in 1997. You can read more about me under "Staff".

Axotron Blog

Occasionally I write on the Axotron Blog:

Axotron Blog

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